CSC Pharma

CSC considers the help to people, in particular, charitable as a duty.

We regularly hold charity events and support social programs within our competence. To date, we have been actively providing financial assistance to the orphan children suffering from neurological diseases, supporting the Foundation for blind children throughout our country, and over a decade of investing our own resources in the development of the charitable fund “Luchik detstva” (“Ray of childhood”).

We strongly believe that such assistance and support is not just the initiative and responsibility of organizations such as ours. CSC regularly allocates assets to help those in need with all available forms and methods, due to the thoroughly well thought out corporate social policy.

In 2019, CSC conducts a social project “MauGli” (“Mowgli”). Financial assistance in the rehabilitation of children with traumatic brain injury will be provided within the project.

Why head injury?

Head injury is one of the main causes in children of severe neurological and mental disorders. These children need long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Even mild head injury got in childhood, can affect the entire subsequent life of the child.

In time and full rehabilitation can prevent negative consequences. Our task is to help the kids to get it!

CSC is a company that helps in reality and will not stop on the reached.