CSC Pharma
Company foundation
In 1989, the firm under the name CSC was created. The firm was engaged in the sale of highly effective oncological agents, which were practically absent in the Soviet Union in the late 80-s. In the 90-s, when Russia was hit by the default, the country lost many foreign companies and banks, but not CSC. CSC management had no doubt: you need patience and once again patience if you intended to develop a serious thing for the good of the people. They were patient and persistent, looking for companions, and gradually they had managed to gather a real team of like-minded people. Now representatives of the CSC firm work in dozens of Russian cities.
Opening of CSC in Russia
In 1991, CSC was officially registered in Russia. Globalization in healthcare sector is the best influenced the creation of brand new environment for the development of pharmacy in our country. The company adopted the experience of European experts, has been implementing in the domestic market the quality pharmaceutical products that meet all the western standards. Same year the company registered its first drugs: Macmiror, Metadoxil and Trittico.
Authorization of Gliatilin
Pharmacology of synaptotrophic products has begun to develop in fact with the study of the role of cholinergic system. Intensive studies of neurotransmission have laid a solid foundation in the theory of neurochemical medicine and lipidomics and led to the emergence of new drugs for our country – products of presynaptic cholinergic effects. Among these substances, Gliatilin takes high positions and since 1992, the neurologists and psychiatrists, helping patients to overcome their illness, have appointed it.
Start of production of Gliatilin with Pharmacor Production
Production sites of Pharmacor Production undergo the annual pharmaceutical audit by the European pharmaceutical companies. The quality control is ensured at all stages of production, storage and sale in accordance with the standards of ISO, GMP, HACCP.
Opening of the pharmaceutical lines
The products sold by CSC can be divided into the following pharmaceutical line: urogynecological, neurological, rheumatologic and therapeutic. This separation helps to convey professionally relevant information on the drugs to the physician of each specialty.
Authorization of Artrosilene, OKI, Fluifort
Recognizable by the physicians and patients, Dompe products were registered in Russia in 2010. OKI has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect due to the unsurpassed penetration into tissues of pharyngeal lymphoid tissue ring. Fluifort provides free breathing without cough. Artrosilene is a superior Ketoprofen, provides rapid unsurpassed effect in patients with severe pain.
Launch of Dialrapid
The most significant event for the company in 2018 was the beginning of sales of the drug Dialrapid – very expected and promising oral analgesic with enhanced onset of action. Due to its unique pharmacological advantages, Dialrapid provides the most rapid, complete suppression of pain, and can be a full replacement of injectable anesthetizing drugs.
Launch of Gliatilin no.56 and Galaxy (Methacin)
The both drugs have great history of administration at the therapeutic practice and proved high efficacy and safety. Gliatilin capsules now are in a new and convenient package. Galaxy (Methacin) is a long-standing medicine since 1960 in Russia. Galaxy – M-holinoblocker with tocolytic action for symptomatic therapy of pregnant women with increased uterine tone, which has no restrictions on the gestational age.
Launch of Chinch, Imunorix
Launch of OKI ACT, Edomari
Launch of Vojea