CSC Pharma

CSC is a company with 30 years’ experience with professional, creative, scientific potential and modern storage premises. We have a full range of competencies for a successful launch of innovative products to the markets of Russia and CIS countries and enjoy a high credit of trust from partners and customers.

Our manufacturing partners have a high-tech equipment and modern testing laboratories, so the product complies with all the requirements and existing quality standards accepted on the territory of Russia and the EU. Now our company represents 10 brands of seven partners.

The products sold by CSC can be divided into the following pharmaceutical line: urogynecological, neurological, rheumatologic, and therapeutic.

Structural organization of CSC in Russia consists of 42 large cities and adjacent areas. Head office is in Moscow, and the second largest branch is located in St. Petersburg. This structure guarantees the presence of CSC medicinal products in all Russian territory.

Our company is in the TOP 100 of the global pharmaceutical market and in the TOP 10 in the growth rate in 2018.

CSC pays individual attention to training. A department specializing in the development and professional growth is created for this purpose. We help new employees to adapt quickly to work in a team and achieve results necessary for the company.

We conduct regular on-site training for employees with a long standing to exchange experience and use the remote training in the form of webinars and coaching with the world’s big names in our industry.

Competence of the staff is also regularly audited by the Qualifying Commission. This ensures a constant growth in the quality of work, which in turn is reflected in the increased sales and the expansion of spheres of influence.

Knowledge sharing
High level personnel of our company directly affects the entire pharmaceutical sector, as regularly occurs and does not stop knowledge sharing between our specialists and partners: physicians, pharmacists, and products distributors.