CSC Pharma

Our mission

We afford the European quality innovative therapy option for millions of Russian patients!

Our goal

The main activity is implementation and promotion on the domestic market with quality pharmaceutical products from the world’s checked and reliable manufacturers.

CSC aims to become the most powerful supplier of medicinal products in Russia and to help the maximum number of people in need.

Our values

CSC is the three whales on which all our work keeps. CLIENTS, SOLUTIONS and CARE.

It is similar to the main gear wheels in the huge mechanism these concepts convey and bring our actions.


Keep the word!

We keep our word – we put the interests of business and partners above our own, responsibly give promises

Our word is the word given by each member of the team.

We are honest and do not hide the problem. We provide only reliable information.

A client is a doctor, a pharmacy, a partner, a manufacturer.


Find Solutions!

We find a solution – we combine enterprise, creativity and innovation, take the initiative in the face of a problem, set interesting ambitious goals, strive to develop ourselves, business and processes.

We solve problems by command.

Recognize the merits of others. We encourage attempts to make a new one. We forgive the mistakes of others, are ruthless towards themselves.


Take Care!

We care about consumers of our products – we have expert knowledge of our products, we understand the needs of patients.

We are looking for new products that even better solve the problems of patients, and ensure their availability.

We care about the training of doctors, about the safe and convenient use of our products.

We develop services for patients and doctors.