CSC Pharma

Our team

Level of advanced technologies of the pharmaceutical industry, exclusivity of innovative drugs has higher expectations for the professional training of employees. Comfortable working environment, unity of purpose and powerful result, along with the principles of ethics create cohesion and teamwork needed to the full development of our company. Contribution of each employee to the business is important and directly affects career opportunities.


Contribution of each employee is important for us; here are some of them:

Albina Rommel, Sales Director

Began to work in the company in 2002 as a medical representative and moved up to Director of Sales Department. Having come through a consistent development in the company, Albina reached a high level of leadership skills in sales management and art of negotiations. She successfully applies knowledge into practice. Puts a lot of effort to create a positive atmosphere in the team, considering its to be a key of productive work. Today’s doubts are believed to be a main obstacle to implementing plans for tomorrow. She is interested in psychology and philosophy.

– The company is my life, and I am very glad to be a part of CSC!

Sofia Sharkova, E-commerce Manager

Has been working in the company since 2017 that became a launching pad for her professional career. This is the place, where she found the opportunity to realize her ambitions, training and making new plans. She has a great desire to learn and comprehend new, unknown. Hobby – drawing.

– I was lucky to begin to work in a team where you are helped, supported and trained. It’s nice to feel yourself to be a part of such a big team like CSC and participate in global projects.

Denis Troitskiy, Marketing Manager, Therapy sector

Has come to CSC team with a solid experience in marketing and sales since 2011. His professional portfolio includes managing the regional sales structures in international FMCG companies (PepsiCo and Henkel). In CSC since 2017. From the first day declared himself as the generator of non-standard marketing moves. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and enjoys paragliding.

– To be the best in some business is a great rarity and it need to be used, especially if we are doing something for good. It is pleasant to work with innovative molecules and modern dosage forms. Anyway, I respect chemistry. The chemistry must be respected.

Sergey Beloborodov, CEO

Headed the Russian branch of CSC in September 2018. 15 years’ experience of advancing of successful businesses on the pharmaceutical market, with such companies as GSK, Abbott, Novartis, Teva under his belt. He is keen on the game of squash and golf.


I headed the Russian business of CSC in September 2018, and three features of the company struck me:

– atmosphere: despite of a 30-year history, the company has managed to preserve the culture of family relations, where the most important thing is trust and mutual support;

– drugs: each our drug is a best-in-class solution for physicians and patients. And even if we offer a well-known molecule of the active substance, but in the unique dosage forms, unsurpassed by pharmacokinetics or ease of treatment;

– speed: I feel the drive around here, from speed of decision-making to speed of response to customer requests.

In front of me, I see how to expand the company’s portfolio, develop a team of talented people and build strong brands, which are really necessary for Russian medicine.