CSC Pharma

Manufacturer: Italfarmaco

Active ingredient: Choline alfoscerate

Dosage form: capsules

There are contraindications. Read the drug label and check with your physician before use.

Gliatilin – Choline alfoscerate, which is a cholinomimetic of central action with a predominant effect on the central nervous system.

Gliatilin enhances the metabolic processes and activates the structures of the reticular formation of the brain, which is important for effective rehabilitation of the patient in the acute and recovery phase of a stroke.

Has preventive and corrective action on factors of the involutional chronic brain disorder, which is a consequence of cerebrovascular insufficiency and is manifested by impaired concentration, memory, emotional and behavioral disorders, confusion, and disorientation.

Pharmacodynamic studies have shown that the effect of Gliatilin on synaptic, including the cholinergic transmission of nerve impulses, neuronal plasticity of membrane and receptor function, resulting in improvement of cognitive and motor functions of the patient, restoration of his social adaptation.

– It is made from original substances – phosphate. It ensures maximum penetration of choline through the blood-brain barrier.

– Russian multicenter and international studies show excellent results on the background of treatment with Gliatilin on rehabilitation of patients after stroke, head injury, with cerebrovascular diseases, cognitive disorders of various origins.

– Gliatilin, unlike citicoline, has a dual mechanism of action, delivers greater amounts of choline in the brain, so its effect persists even after termination of course of treatment.



About manufacturer

Italfarmaco, founded in 1938, stands out vividly on the background of the leading Italian pharmaceutical manufacturers with the innovative portfolio certified according to GMP and FDA standards. More than 2.2 thousand employees of Italfarmaco SpA provide the highest quality of customer service in Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Morocco, the USA and Brazil. In 2015, the company EFFIK International became a part of the group of companies of Italfarmaco SpA. Activities of Italfarmaco SpA with the headquarters in Milan aimed at solving significant social challenges in the cardiovascular, immuno-oncological, gynecological, dermatological, orthopedic and neurological areas of medicine. The Russian division of Italfarmaco exists since 1999 and has focused on promoting gynecological and endocrinology portfolio of Italfarmaco SpA for women’s health, assisted reproductive technologies and solutions to the problems of osteoporosis. Innovative products, ethical business and professional team characterizes the Russian division of Italfarmaco.