Piascledine 300 capsules

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Expanscience

Dosage form: capsules

There are contraindications. Read the drug label and check with your physician before use.

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Laboratoires Expanscience

Laboratoires Expanscience
Laboratoires Expanscience was founded in 1950 by Paul Bertone and Claude Guyon. Expanscience is a French independent pharmaceutical and dermal-cosmetic laboratory, develops and manufactures innovative products for skin care and for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The company's products, including two leading brands: Mustela and Piascledine 300 - represented in almost 100 countries. The company also develops active substances of natural origin, designed for the production of cosmetics for other companies in France and in the world. The whole chain of production is integrated at the same company - from research to production and distribution. Expanscience received the certificate B Corp (2018) and ‘Excellent’ according to the standard of AFAQ 26000 (in 2013 and 2016). They confirm the ability of Laboratories Expanscience and its brands to create value and contribute to improving the quality of life of our society through a program “Better Living Program.”