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Manufacturer: Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Active ingredient: ketoprofen

Dosage form: foam for topical application

There are contraindications. Read the drug label and check with your physician before use.

Artrosilene foam is the only drug in the form of a foam with a concentration of ketoprofen of 15%. Such a high concentration of the active substance allows dealing with acute and severe pain in the joints, as well as with traumatic pain with damaged muscles and ligaments.

Once use 1-2 g of the drug (walnut volume). Depending on the size of the damaged area, apply foam 2-3 times a day or according to physician’s instructions, gently massaging until completely absorbed.


  • More rapid therapeutic effect. Sometimes the effect comes as rapid as at intravenous administration;
  • Small particle size leads to high degree of penetration into pockets, cavities and other inaccessible places on the skin;
  • High concentration in the inflammation area (120 µg/ml), peak concentration in the soft tissues is reached in 20 minutes;
  • There is no risk of contamination of the medicinal product from outside, as the cylinder is hermetically closed;
  • Ensures accurate dosage when using proportioning valves;
  • Method of application is convenient and rapid;
  • Does not cause irritation and dryness of the skin due to the low content of ethanol (alcohol 0.3 %);
  • Low systemic absorption (0.38%) – no side effects.


About manufacturer
Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A.
Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Dompé Farmaceutici SpA is an Italian biopharmaceutical multinational corporation, founded in 1940 in Milan. The company pays main attention to primary medical and biotechnological activities, studies of therapeutic solutions for the treatment of rare diseases. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects are developed at the site of L’aquila. The headquarters are in Milan, but Dompé is also present in Naples, Boston, San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Tirana.