Metadoxil ampules

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Manufacturer: Laboratori Baldacci

Active ingredient: Metadoxine

Dosage form: solution for intravenous and intramuscular introduction

There are contraindications. Read the drug label and check with your physician before use.

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Metadoxine reduces the level of alcohol in blood and duration of its harmful effects on the body, thus facilitating the metabolism and increasing the excretion of alcohol and its toxic metabolite acetaldehyde. It has a protective effect on the liver cells, reduces the degree of liver damage in patients with steatosis.

It is the only product for treatment of alcoholism with hepatoprotective properties.

There are contraindications. Please read the instructions / information for use and/or consult with a specialist before use.

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Where to buy

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Laboratori Baldacci

Laboratori Baldacci firmly believes in human values, and over time, it proved that her constant passion embodied in its work, can guarantee the quality and innovation. Product quality is a top priority for Laboratori Baldacci. Its qualified specialists are working on the permanent monitoring of all processes associated with the production, distribution and sales. The increasing success of Laboratori Baldacci is also explained by its ability to develop products designed to meet the needs and expectations of both physicians and their patients.