Artrosilene capsules

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Manufacturer: Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Active ingredient: ketoprofen

Dosage form: prolonged-release capsule

There are contraindications. Read the drug label and check with your physician before use.

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Artrosilene capsules 320 mg – 1 capsule of a powerful 24-hour analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Capsule consists of 460 microgranules of extended release.

10 capsules in a box.

Maximum concentration in plasma while taking the Artrosilene capsules occurs within 4-10 hours after oral administration; elimination half-life is 6.5 hours. Maximum therapeutic effect is observed from 4 to 24 hours.

Easily penetrates through blood-tissue interfaces and distributes to tissues and organs.

Ketoprofen penetrates well into synovial fluid and connective tissues. Although the concentration of ketoprofen in synovial fluid is somewhat lower than in plasma, they are more stable (persist up to 30 hours).

  • Convenient single dose administration.
  • Powerful and long action effect starts in 30 minutes and lasts 24 hours.
  • Possibility of long-term use unlike other NSAIDS to 3-4 months, which is particularly attractive for patients with chronic rheumatic diseases.
  • Microgranules ensure uniform distribution of the drug in the stomach and minimum (on time) contact with a mucous membrane, therefore, 1.6 times less of side effects than conventional ketoprofen.

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Where to buy

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Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Dompé Farmaceutici SpA is an Italian biopharmaceutical multinational corporation, founded in 1940 in Milan. The company pays main attention to primary medical and biotechnological activities, studies of therapeutic solutions for the treatment of rare diseases. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects are developed at the site of L'aquila. The headquarters are in Milan, but Dompé is also present in Naples, Boston, San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Tirana.